The high-quality advice provided in this field is based on the solid experience of our lawyers who have provided assistance both to Romanian and foreign clients, State-owned and private companies. The trust gained further to the cooperation with the beneficiaries of our legal services stands for our capacity to understand the business and our ability to acquire in-depth knowledge in various economic fields.

Our lawyers’ expertise includes:

  • Lease agreements for premises earmarked as offices or commercial premises of more than EUR 1.5 m;
  • International sales contracts, INCOTERMS 2000, 2010 for important players on food, installation, building markets;
  • Fixed asset sale-purchase agreement – in value of more than EUR 6 m;
  • ESCROW agreements;
  • Novation/ Mandate agreements;
  • Loan agreements in value of more than EUR 1 m;
  • Plant and equipment lease agreements;
  • Medicine supply agreements;
  • Fiduciary agreements;
  • Consulting agreements in various fields;
  • Joint venture agreements;
  • Security service agreements;
  • Real estate administration agreements;
  • Engineering and consulting agreements.