About us

Our excellent lawyer-client relationship builds on the integrity in and commitment to providing legal services, the open and innovative approach, in-depth knowledge of our areas of expertise and the constant concern for professional development.

Not only the ten years of legal experience recommend Vizireanu&Vizireanu Lawyers but also the outcomes of these years that stand for the level of excellence in the services provided. Understanding the client’s needs, the solid knowledge, the thorough research for each case, the teamwork and practical sense are strengths that contribute to Vizireanu&Vizireanu’s client satisfaction and goal achievement.

As Vizireanu&Vizireanu believe in and support lawyers in focusing on specific areas of expertise andour guiding principle is to give prominence to our client and its interests, we developed close partnerships with lawyers specialised in other areas of expertise than our own, as well as with advisers and translators in order to provide our clients with integrated services.