Corporate. Corporate Governance. Mergers and Acquisitions. Contracts

The high level of expertise in corporate and civil law, the creative and practical solutions offered to the clients, the novel legal issues dealt with recommend our lawyers for a wide range of services in this field from start-up to complex corporate transactions.

Corporate Governance

Our services cover all legal issues related to the incorporation, carrying-out business and termination of the company (e.g.choosing the appropriate legal form, legal requirements for performing the concerned economic activity etc.), from solving day-to-day issues up to finding the most suitable options for achieving the client’s strategic objectives.

Our lawyers’ expertise includes:

  • Registrations of companies/ branches with the Trade Register;
  • Legal advice in relation to the functioning of the statutory bodies: choosing the administration system, limits of the rights and liabilities of the members of such bodies etc.;
  • Legal advice on the protection of the minority shareholders’ rights;
  • Assistance and representation in the meetings of the statutory bodies (general meetings of shareholders, board of directors etc.);
  • Relocation of the registered office in the same or other county;
  • Drafting administration, management contracts etc.;
  • Assignment of shares;
  • Dismissals/ appointments in the corporate bodies (directors, members of the supervisory board, management board, internal auditors, auditors etc.);
  • Opening and closing secondary offices;
  • Share capital decreases/ increases; legal advice in relation to the remedy of the net negative assets;
  • Changes in the company’s legal form;
  • Business temporary suspension/ resumption;
  • Dissolutions and liquidation;
  • Legal advice in relation to corporate issues provided to bank institutions, to the universal postal service provider, to a significant player on the private pension funds market etc..

 Our lawyers are also experienced in obtaining the authorisations/ licence/ permits required for carrying-out business in various sectors of activity.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our lawyers’ significant expertise in mergers and acquisitions is valued by the beneficiaries of our legal services.The outstanding results in this field have been attained thanks to our attention to project details and flexibility in the interpretation of laws and not the least to our rigor in reducing the client’s costs and time and good understanding of the client’s objectives.Our lawyers have assisted and advised companies both in the priorstage of the project development, advising on the project implementation, andin the post-completion stage, integrating the operation into the company’s business.

The related services cover transaction structuring, drafting the legal due diligence report, issuing legal opinions on the alternatives for the transaction, assistance in choosing the most appropriate scenario from a legal standpoint, establishing the stages of the project also considering the other areas involved (financial, accounting etc.), assistanceand representation in negotiations, drafting and revision of the project-related documents, assistance and representation in the execution of those documents as well as in front of the competent authorities, assistance, representation and adviceon the project post- completion.